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Legacy Systems into the 21st Century

  • Do you need to update your control system?
  • Do you need to buy modern technology so you can get the information you require?
  • Are you in the dark of how your plant is performing?

Well you may not need to spend thousands to drag your old legacy control systems into the 21st century!

Need more information?

We at MRP can communicate with 99% of all PLC`s.
If you have a mixture of different PLC`s from different manufacturers how can you get them to communicate with each other? How can you get your data out of them and display it the way YOU need it displayed.

If you have a device with a serial port for example a scale or ingredient feeder we can get any data your require from these kinds of devices too.

So if you can imagine all your existing equipment all linked together and all the data being stored and displayed just the way you need it to be.

Upgrade into a Network

How can we do this you ask?
We at MRP believe in open source. This means that we use open networks and protocols.
So if we was to connect you equipment or PLC`s up to your current or new and dedicated network then it would be open. That is that no one company owns the rights to TCP/IP networks. You can buy it from most towns and high streets and shop around the best deal.

So we connect you serial port or programming port to the TCP/IP network. Next we need to get the information out of the PLC or serial device.
We use an OPC server to do this.

Capture data effortlessly

What is OPC?
OPC is open connectivity in industrial automation and the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications.

Now we can see the information we need to do something with it. We can store it to a database or simply display it in Microsoft Excel or Word using DDE.

Maybe you need to do more. We can connect all your systems with a HMI SCADA system. We at MRP use many SCADA systems please see the SCADA section for details.

Monitor how and where you like

Once connected to a SCADA system you can not only see your information real time and historical, but also you can control your systems from the SCADA itself.

Because we are connected to the network we can see and control you systems from anywhere on your network, or anywhere in the world. Because the internet is just a big network you can see and control you systems from anywhere.

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