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Network Design

At MRP we can offer the right network solution for your business. There are two main types of networks, an Office grade network and an Industrial network, both are very different in requirements but at MRP we can advise you on the ideal layout for you. We can even install the network for you, so that you can be confident that it will work to it's full potential.

Star TopologyOffice Networks
Office networks have less variables as they are usually in an environmentally controlled area with little variation in temperature or humidity. They tend to be arranged in the most cost effective, easy to maintain layout.

In office networks, hardware is often concentrated in a central wiring closet and a star topology (see diagram on right) is usually used to connect to it from multiple locations around the building.

This is the most practical layout to use for an office as it is cost effective and makes it easy for a the IT staff to look after the main bulk of the network as all the essential equipment is housed in a single area. There is little electrical noise in an office to affect the network and by duplicating equipment and having back-up power supplies (e.g. UPS) you can usually overcome failure of the central systems. Disruption can be minimised but it will still take a few minutes for the recovery systems to come into operation.

Industrial Networks
Industrial networks are very different as they have to endure much harsher conditions such as extremes of temperature and humidity and there can also be major electrical interference. Another big concern for industrial networks and applications is that any kind of delay whilst a system recovers from failure is unacceptable. So in addition to being more robust, industrial networks need to be arranged differently to maximise their performance.

Down time in an industrial network can mean a major loss in production time, which in turn means a loss of money for the company. An industrial network is designed so that there can be no single point of failure within it.

In production environments the use of smaller PLC's for localised control of processes and applications is more beneficial rather than centrally wiring everything back to one large PLC that controls everything. This system has an advantage of making it possible to take just a small section of the plant down for maintenance rather than an entire plant and in the event of failure only one section need be affected.

Also the topology that is used for connecting the network is a major influence on it's ability to correct itself after a hardware or software failure. Two of the most popular layouts for industrial networks are the Redundant Ring Topology and the Mesh Topology. These layouts allow the network to keep running when there is a node or cable failure.

Ring and Mech Topology

At MRP we can advise you on the ideal solution for your business, whether it is a small office network or a full industrial network.

If you would like some advice on suitable networks or you would like us to design and install one for oyu, then contact us vis our Contact Us page

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