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Industrial Networking

Industrial networks have to be able to work in extreme environmental conditions and be able to recover from failures of nodes or cable with zero down time for the rest of the network. In essence they must have:
  • The ability to keep the network running even when there is a node or cabling failure
  • Alerts and monitoring of all networked devices
  • Use industrial hardware and devices that will allow it to function in extreme conditions
A big concern for industrial networks and applications is that any kind of delay whilst a system recovers from failure is unacceptable. So in addition to being robust, industrial networks need to be arranged to maximise their performance.

Down time in an industrial network can mean a major loss in production time, which in turn means a loss of money for a company. An industral network is designed so that there can be no single point of failure within it.

In production environments the use of smaller PLC's for localised control of processes and applications is more beneficial rather than centrally wiring everything back to one large PLC that controls everything. This system has an advantage of making it possible to take just a small section of the plant down for maintenance rather than an entire plant and in the event of failure only one section need be affected.

Also the topology that is used for connecting the network is a major influence on it's ability to correct itself after a hardware or software failure. Two of the most popular layouts for industrial networks are the Redundant Ring Topology and the Mesh Topology. These layouts allow the network to keep running when there is a node or cable failure.

Ring and Mech Topology

At MRP we can design and install the ideal network for your industry. By taking into account the environment and needs of your company we can select appropriate hardware and give advice on the best solutions for you.

We can also install the network for you, to insure that it is implemented correctly and smoothly. We can even help you manage the network once it's up and running.

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