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Many companies use 'off-the-shelf' pre-designed applications. These applications either do too much, and are far too complicated for what you need, or they don't do enough and you have to resort to using 2 (or more) applications for doing a single task. At MRP we can design you a custom application that does everything you need it to and It'll work the way you want it to.

A custom software application is optimised to suit your exact needs. It can make the job of running your business easier and more efficient. We can even offer applications that help automate your current jobs and tasks so you can deploy staff more effectively and have time to concentrate on the growth of your company.


This program is a Lift status and monitoring software. The lift dials in with information called events. The customer can then run many reports on these events like how much downtime a lift has had. and how long the engineer was on site for. It is used by lots of companies. A list of customer or clients can be found on then click our clients.

This is a program that controls a automatic entry barrier or more then one barrier. You enter employees and issue them with entry cards. also you can put RFID tags on your vehicles and it will automatically tell you when they arrived and left the site. Also you can issue visitor cards that can be used then are made void so they can not regain entry to the site without permission.

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