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Technical Specifications for our HMI SCADA system based on Microsoft Visual Basic .NET

The product consists of four components:
  • A .NET service or desktop app running as a server, responsible for communication with field devices, alarming and historization.
  • A .NET client application for creating the user display forms, and animations of VB objects (Source Code provided).
  • An MSDE database structure, schema for data population, specific to your application of HMI/SCADA. A front-end editor utility is provided. Or use any tools for MS SQL Server edits.
  • A control wizard to help edit the .TAG property of animated controls.
Features & Benefits:
  • It is a typical VB standard executable project. No run-time royalties.
  • Support for 99% of all industrial communication protocols.
  • Designed to make use of the fast throughput and exception based processing of VB.NET
  • Unlimited points ('Tags' of the conventional HMI world) and displays.
  • Powerful animation and various Windows graphical file support.
  • Does NOT limit you from using any other capabilities of VB in any way. Use any 3rd party controls.
  • Make any changes to points/tags without stopping the polling, data storage.
  • Designed for field personnel, who are not VB programmers. For HMI screen modifications, no VB code needs to be written.
  • Uses Microsoft SQL server (MSDE via ADO.NET) without the overhead of ODBC. Or using ODBC, any ODBC compliant database.
  • Configure HMI displays by setting properties of Microsoft or use 3rd party controls. If chosen.
  • Configurable scanning of foreign smart devices like PLCs, DCS. Flow meters and so forth.
  • Can be an OPC server or OPC client.
  • No multi-sourcing, no need to have multiple applications from multiple non-Microsoft vendors.
  • Integrate ALL the business system needs and the HMI into ONE single application.
  • Very powerful alarming and trending capabilities (up to 32 pens at the same time).
  • Complicated Communication & screen update issues are resolved.
  • Several pre-built symbols provided. You may create your own or buy third party symbols in standard BMP, JPG, GIF etc. formats.
  • Redundant server capability without expensive clustering hardware or licenses.
  • Technology Transfer services is available from Parijat.
  • Leverages Microsoft's research in software development
Minimum Requirements:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Learning Edition or better (for app editing only).
  • Microsoft Windows NT (SP3 or later), 2000, XP or later. MSDE current version for database
  • PC with 128 M RAM or CPU comfortable for Win32 desktopOS of your choice. (Higher configs apply for systems with > 500 points and historian needs)
  • Use one or more communication drivers.
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